How can I get a fake The University of New South Wales transcript quickly如何快速获得新南威尔士大学的假成绩单

How can I get a fake The University of New South Wales transcript quickly如何快速获得新南威尔士大学的假成绩单
The University of New South Wales (UNSW), or UNSW for short, was founded in 1949. The main campus is located in the financial, trade and tourism center of the southern hemisphere-Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, Australia. It is a world-renowned top public institution The research university is a member of the Australian Eight Schools Alliance, Pacific Rim University Alliance, International University of Science and Technology Alliance and Universitas 21.
The University of New South Wales currently has 9 colleges, 1 university, and a total of 75 departments. Its engineering school and business school enjoy a high reputation, and it has strong strengths in the engineering and computer fields. The university is also known as the “War College” because of the establishment of the Australian Defense College. UNSW School of Engineering is the largest engineering school in Australia. In 2015, 22 researchers and alumni were selected as the top 100 most influential engineers in Australia. The college has a quantum computing and communication technology laboratory and the largest power electronics and drive research laboratory. It has participated in the research and development of the world’s first pure silicon quantum computer chip, the world’s highest efficiency photovoltaic solar cell in 2014, and the space engineering research center in 2017 On this basis, Australia’s first ECO satellite was built.
新南威尔士大学(The University of New South Wales),简称UNSW,创立于1949年,主校区坐落于南半球金融、贸易与旅游中心——澳大利亚新南威尔士州首府悉尼,是一所享誉世界的顶尖公立研究型大学,为澳大利亚八校联盟、环太平洋大学联盟、国际科技大学联盟和Universitas 21成员。
新南威尔士大学现有9个学院,1个大学院,共75个系。其工程学院和商学院享有盛誉,在工程与计算机领域具有极强实力。大学因下设澳大利亚国防学院又被称为“战争学府”。UNSW工程学院是全澳规模较大的工程学院,2015年有22名研究人员和校友入选了全澳年度最具影响力百强工程师榜单 。学院设有量子计算及通信技术实验室和最大的电力电子和驱动研究实验室,曾参与研发世界第一款纯硅量子计算机芯片 、2014年世界最高效率光伏太阳能电池、2017年,空间工程研究中心在此基础上建造了澳大利亚的第一颗EC0卫星。


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