How much does to purchase a phony Arden University diploma? 购买假的雅顿大学文凭要多少钱?

How much does to purchase a phony Arden University diploma? 购买假的雅顿大学文凭要多少钱?
How much does to purchase a phony Arden University diploma? Where to get a realistic Arden University degree? How to get a fake Arden University diploma? Buy a fake Arden University degree, fake the Arden University diploma. Where to buy a Arden University diploma and transcript? How much to order a Arden University degree? How long to get a fake Arden University diploma certificate? Founded in 1990 as a family business called International Resource Development, Arden joined Capella Education in 2011. In 2015, the school was granted university status and renamed Arden University. In August 2016, the university was acquired by Netherlands-based Global University Systems Group. Arden University is based in Coventry, West Midlands, and operates two learning centres in London. Arden is a pioneer in higher education through distance learning and hybrid learning, offering a wide range of specialty courses, both online and full-time, with customised study programmes and supportive learning experiences. Arden University has always believed that everyone has a right to higher education. It is a path that leads to personal progress and enrichment. The school’s goal is to make higher education more accessible, more attractive, and more beneficial to people around the world.

Capella Education originally acquired RDI as part of its strategy to accelerate the company’s expansion into international markets. However, that strategy did not materialize, and Capella sold Arden University and its remaining subsidiaries in February 2016. The University of Sunderland, which validated some of RDI’s degrees, purchased Resource Development International Hong Kong from Arden University in July 2016. In August of that year, Arden Itself was sold to the Dutch company Global University Systems (GUS) for £15m. GUS’s other UK assets include the University of Law, St Patrick’s College London and the London School of Business and Finance.

Beginning in January 2016, previously phased out RDI externally accredited degree programs were replaced by Arden’s own degree programs. In November 2017, Arden University enrolled 5,700 students, 2,500 of whom were enrolled in its own courses. About 44 per cent of its students are from outside the UK. Carl Lego replaced Philip Hallam as vice president and CEO of the school in 2019.
购买假的雅顿大学文凭要多少钱?在哪里可以获得现实的雅顿大学学位?如何获得假的雅顿大学文凭?购买假雅顿大学学位,假雅顿大学文凭。哪里可以买到雅顿大学的文凭和成绩单?订购雅顿大学学位需要多少钱?多长时间可以获得假的雅顿大学文凭证书? Arden 成立于 1990 年,是一家名为 International Resource Development 的家族企业,于 2011 年加入 Capella Education。2015 年,学校获得大学地位并更名为 Arden University。 2016 年 8 月,该大学被总部位于荷兰的 Global University Systems Group 收购。雅顿大学位于西米德兰兹郡的考文垂,在伦敦设有两个学习中心。雅顿是通过远程学习和混合学习进行高等教育的先驱,提供广泛的在线和全日制专业课程,以及定制的学习计划和支持性学习体验。雅顿大学一直认为,每个人都有接受高等教育的权利。这是一条通往个人进步和充实的道路。学校的目标是让高等教育更容易获得、更有吸引力、更有益于世界各地的人们。

Capella Education 最初收购 RDI 作为其加速公司向国际市场扩张的战略的一部分。然而,该战略并未实现,卡佩拉于 2016 年 2 月出售了雅顿大学及其其余子公司。桑德兰大学于 2016 年 7 月从雅顿大学收购了 Resource Development International Hong Kong。年,雅顿本身以 1500 万英镑的价格出售给荷兰公司 Global University Systems (GUS)。 GUS 在英国的其他资产包括法学院、伦敦圣帕特里克学院和伦敦商业与金融学院。

从 2016 年 1 月开始,之前逐步淘汰的 RDI 外部认证学位课程被雅顿自己的学位课程所取代。 2017 年 11 月,雅顿大学招收了 5,700 名学生,其中 2,500 人注册了自己的课程。大约44%的学生来自英国以外。卡尔乐高于 2019 年取代菲利普哈勒姆担任学校的副总裁兼首席执行官。



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