How to buy a fake The University of Northampton degree quickly.如何快速购买假北安普顿大学学位。

How to buy a fake The University of Northampton degree quickly.如何快速购买假北安普顿大学学位。
The University of Northampton is a public university in the United Kingdom. It is located in Northampton, central England. It has two campuses, Park and Avenue. At the end of the 12th century, the town of Northampton continued to prosper and became the third major academic town after Oxford and Cambridge. With the funding of Richard the Lionheart, the University of Northampton was founded. Many historians record that Northampton even concealed the brilliance of Oxford schools between 1176 and 1193. In 1261, the Regent Earl of Leicester formally bestowed the Charter of Bei’an University in the name of Henry III.
Three years after the school was founded, the king and the noble power represented by the regent went to war. The following year, the King’s Army won the siege of Northampton. Because of the involvement of local scholars in the rebellion. Upon entering the city, the King’s Army announced the dissolution of Bei’an University on behalf of Henry III and permanently prohibited the establishment of a university in Bei’an. Another argument is that the king was bewitched by scholars from Oxford University, Bei’an’s rival, and decided to close Bei’an.
北安普顿大学是英国的一所公立大学,位于英格兰中部的北安普顿,现有 Park 和 Avenue 两个校区。12世纪末期,北安普顿城镇持续繁荣并成为继牛津、剑桥后的第三个学术重镇,在狮心王理查的资助下,北安普顿大学创立。多位史学家记述在1176-1193年间,北安普顿甚至掩盖了牛津诸校的光芒。1261年,摄政的莱斯特伯爵以亨利三世的名义正式赐予北安大学宪章。


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