It’s reliable to buy a phony University of Derby degree online?在线购买虚假的德比大学学位是否可靠?

It’s reliable to buy a phony University of Derby degree online?在线购买虚假的德比大学学位是否可靠?
It’s reliable to buy a phony University of Derby degree online? Where to get a realistic University of Derby degree and transcript? The University of Derby was founded in 1851 and is located in Derby, the center of England. There are 3 campuses in Derby, Chesterfield and Buxton, and more than 100 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees are awarded. There are 19,000 students, including international students from more than 40 countries.

According to The Guardian’s “2020 UK University Comprehensive Ranking”, the University of Derby ranked 26th; in the “2018 UK University Education Quality Ranking” published by The Times, the University of Derby ranked among the top 10; in 2017 Gold in the UK Higher Education Quality Excellence Rating “Teaching Excellence Framework”. The University of Derby has a comprehensive disciplinary system, and the business department ranks among the top ten in the UK. The advantageous majors include tourism management, hotel management, law, education, mechanical engineering, fashion design, art design, etc.

The University of Derby is a vibrant and modern higher education institution located in the Midlands of England, spanning three major cities. The campus on Kedleston Road is the largest, outside the city centre of Derby, with convenient road and rail traffic. It is only a 30-minute drive from Nottingham East Midlands International Airport, and about 1 hour by train or car to Birmingham International Airport. Derby Railway Station has convenient transportation, which can lead to major cities such as London, Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and other places within 2 hours.

根据卫报“2020英国大学综合排名”,德比大学排名第26;在泰晤士报发布的“2018英国大学教育质量排名”中,德比大学名列前10; 2017年英国高等教育质量卓越评级“卓越教学框架”金奖。德比大学学科体系完善,商科位居全英前十。优势专业包括旅游管理、酒店管理、法律、教育、机械工程、服装设计、艺术设计等。

德比大学是一所充满活力的现代高等教育机构,位于英格兰中部地区,横跨三个主要城市。 Kedleston Road校区是德比市中心以外最大的校区,公路和铁路交通便利。距诺丁汉东米德兰国际机场仅 30 分钟车程,乘火车或汽车约 1 小时可到达伯明翰国际机场。德比火车站交通便利,2小时内即可到达伦敦、诺丁汉、伯明翰、曼彻斯特、利兹等主要城市。


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