Purchase a fake CPA certificate in Canada online.在加拿大在线购买伪造的 CPA 证书。

Purchase a fake CPA certificate in Canada online.在加拿大在线购买伪造的 CPA 证书。
In Australia, the term “CPA” is an acronym for Certified Public Accountant. To obtain an Australian CPA, certain education and experience are required to be qualified to work in certain specific areas of the accounting field.
In Canada, “CPA” is the abbreviation for Chartered Professional Accountant. This name is for people who want to become a Canadian CPA. In order to obtain this certificate, candidates majoring in accounting will be admitted into the Certified Public Accountant Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). Canadian provinces also allow non-accounting majors and international candidates to meet the requirements if they enter the CPA Prerequisite Education Program (CPA PREP).
The Philippine CPA must abide by some of the rules in the Act, namely the Philippine Accounting Act of 2004 known at the time. Unlike other countries that only require education and experience, the requirements for taking the Philippine exam are more complicated. Among them, candidates need to have a good reputation and must not make any crime-related mistakes.
在加拿大,“CPA”是特许专业会计师的缩写。此名称适用于想成为加拿大注册会计师的人。为了获得此证书,会计专业的考生将被录取进入注册会计师职业教育计划(CPA PEP)。加拿大各省也允许非会计专业和国际考生如果进入CPA Prerequisite Education Program(CPA PREP)就可以满足要求。
菲律宾注册会计师必须遵守该法案中的一些规则,即当时已知的 2004 年菲律宾会计法案。与其他国家只要求教育和经验不同,参加菲律宾考试所需的要求更为复杂,其中考生需要有良好的声誉,绝不能做任何与犯罪有关的错误。


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