Why more and more people buy a phony BTEC diploma? 为什么越来越多的人购买假的 BTEC 文凭?

Why more and more people buy a phony BTEC diploma? 为什么越来越多的人购买假的 BTEC 文凭?
Why more and more people buy a phony BTEC diploma? Where to get a realistic BTEC diploma quickly online? The Business Technical Education Council (BTEC) is the provider of secondary school leave qualifications and further education qualifications in the UK, Wales and Northern Ireland. According to DFE (2016), the T in BTEC used to stand for technology and now stands for technology. BTEC originated in 1984 and has been acquired by Ed Akers since 1996. Their origins stem from the Business Education Council, which was established in 1974 to “rationalize and increase the relevance of sub-degree vocational education”. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pearson Group.

BTEC qualifications, especially Level 3, are accepted by many universities (with the exception of Cambridge, Oxford and UCL, unless combined with other qualifications) when assessing the suitability of applicants, and many such universities have conditional admissions based on students The expected BTEC score. [citation needed]. Now, Imperial College London is the only university in the UK that does not accept BTEC at all.

A report by the Social Market Foundation in January 2018 found that more than a quarter (26%) of university applicants in England entered HE with at least one BTEC qualification. Research has found that BTEC provides a particularly important higher education pathway for specific groups, with almost half of all students entering BTEC for university while in specific regions including the North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, North East and West Midlands. Here Previously, HEPI released another report on BTEC and higher education in 2017.
为什么越来越多的人购买假的 BTEC 文凭?在哪里可以在线快速获得逼真的 BTEC 文凭?商业技术教育委员会 (BTEC) 是英国、威尔士和北爱尔兰中学假期资格和继续教育资格的提供者。根据 DFE (2016),BTEC 中的 T 曾经代表技术,现在代表技术。 BTEC起源于1984年,1996年被Ed Akers收购。他们的起源源于1974年成立的商业教育委员会,旨在“合理化和增加副学位职业教育的相关性”。它是培生集团的全资子公司。

BTEC学历,尤其是Level 3,在评估申请者的适合性时,被很多大学(剑桥、牛津和UCL除外,除非结合其他学历)接受,而且很多这样的大学都有条件录取根据学生的预期BTEC分数. [需要引用]。现在,伦敦帝国理工学院是英国唯一一所完全不接受 BTEC 的大学。

社会市场基金会 2018 年 1 月的一份报告发现,英格兰超过四分之一 (26%) 的大学申请者以至少一个 BTEC 资格进入高等教育。研究发现,BTEC 为特定群体提供了特别重要的高等教育途径,几乎一半的学生进入 BTEC 上大学,而在特定地区,包括西北、约克郡和亨伯、东北和西米德兰兹。此前,HEPI 发布了另一份关于 2017 年 BTEC 和高等教育的报告。


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